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I was born in Italy and I live in Marseilles, France.

I am a certified art-therapist, a writer and a photographic artist.

At the end of the nineties I worked as the assistant of the photographer Rinaldo Capra and for the A2 agency in Brescia, Italy. I attended the basic photography course at The Ken Damy Museum.

At that time, I contributed to the 'Alzheimer, conoscere chi non ricorda' project, which was the first multimedia exposition on the Alzheimer disease in Italy.

Since 2017 I take pictures with a digital camera and in July 2019 I published my first portfolio 'The places of meetings' on the online revue 'The eye of Photography'.

As an art therapist and art mediator at the EEAP Decanis de Voisins I wrote and produced 'One day in the life of...' a project focusing on photography which resulted in a travelling exhibition with the aim of raising awareness of polyhandicap.

I often collaborate with the theatre company 'Gruppo Elettrogeno' in Bologna, Italy.


Photography has always been a surprise to me: I wait until the image reveals itself to my eye without imagining neither creating it before.
I work on my availability to capture the unexpected, the instant when the light enters silently through the window and touches a surface in an unfamiliar way, when the colour of a door, at a particular time of the day escapes from the banality of what is around, when forms, lines and colours draw an harmonic composition beyond human noise.
I do accept to know nothing about the world to let the invisible appear, suddenly arise.
I like taking pictures of the silence of certain places, of ordinary people and their extraordinary lives.
It is only recently, during the Covid-19 crisis, that I began to imagine stories, to create sets with things I had at hand and to invent some uncertain plots that I fixed through the home light on a precarious support of time and space.

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