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Why should we all be feminists?

I never considered feminism an ideology. To me, it was a way of becoming aware, of learning how to express a profound sentiment of injustice. I reckon feminism is a living thought that inspires sensible actions, creates new forms of relationship and enriches our concept of freedom.

With this series I meant to support the brillant speech of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 'We should all be feminists'.

I also wish to thank her for making the word 'feminist' fashionable again.

Because we do not have to feel ashamed to claim our rights, to denounce the incongruities of the patriarchal system that entertains a culture of rape and violence against women.

I homage some of the women who wrote the history of women, some who survived and others who continue to fight despite sexism. Obviously, the list is not exhaustive.

The only profile I deleted from my Facebook contacts belonged to a really nice guy.

One day he posted two pictures. The first was a beautiful, elegant Barbie going to a night party. The second was a naked, torn, sodomized Barbie thrown in a bush like a trash bin.

Before and after, read the caption.

Before deleting the nice guy's profile, I wondered if I did not have enough sense of humour: many little yellow laughing faces had appeared under the post.

I made this series a long time after, during the Covid-19 crisis. I used my daughter's Barbies, which were already quite spoiled, and only objects that I could find at home.

Thanks to Agata Sarr

Honorable Mention at 'The 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award', in the non professional section, 'Women seen by Women' category.

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