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I began this series the moment I faced a photography that I could not take because it was too painful for me and also because I was part of it, of the pain and of the picture. To bear the heaviness of that unbearable image, I began to take other pictures.

I meant to be present at the reality of my parents and I wanted to shorten the distance between them and I.

My parents' bedroom is not the same anymore since the appearance of my father's illness, ten years ago. The room has changed to adapt to his infirmity. Light enters as a benediction in this place of incertitude, between life and death.

Other people are experiencing the same drama and I would like to keep a trace of their sobre daily heroism. Of their hands taking care of the other without asking any question, while days pass always the same and illness seems to destroy everything except compassion.

Is it not this doing that we may call for once and without lying, LOVE?

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This is not a photo-report, because :
«Nothing of that sort deserves to be showed».
(After 'Amour' a film by Michael Haneke)

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