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I wrote and realised this project after training in Art therapy and Artistic Mediation. The intention of bringing the disabled person out of the closed world of institutions to show his human complexity is clear, but the posture in the relationship with the photographed subject remains that of the art-therapist, without objectives, prejudices or interpretations.

I was able to publish an excerpt of this work thanks to the collaboration and agreement of Sonia épouse Khoudir, Yssam's mother. Sonia is the founding president of the Association Poly'mômes PACA and has publicly supported the project from the start. I only had to republish her posts from Facebook to explain the stages of the work I carried out, from the first meeting with the parents to the exhibition at the EEAP Decanis de Voisins  in July 2021 and which can still be visited.

While waiting for other parents to authorise the publication and use of their children's photographs outside the institutional framework, I would like to thank the 12 children who took part and their families, the EEAP Decanis de Voisins, the children who are taken in and the colleagues who work there, in particular Francesca SALERNO and Magali PECORILLA, the director Jean-Luc MOREY, the coordinators of the educational service Brice MESLEM and Elizabeth ROJAS who succeeded him, the Association 123...Soleil 

and ARAIMC who financed the project ...

Thank you all!


14th April 2022

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